FAST! Create your own customized Web browser e-mail form and start using it in minutes. 

Data entered on this form will be sent to your e-mail account. You don't need any CGI programming on your Web site to use FormMail.To.  Just link your Web page to your customized form with an HTML tag like this:

<A HREF=""> Contact Me </A>

...instead of using "mailto" links. 

FLEXIBLE! Instead of simply having "Subject" and "Message" in your e-mail form, you can specify whatever data you need.  Your forms can be anything from "feedback" comments to customer surveys to product ordering forms. You can use "pull-down" menu selections and checkboxes to make your forms easier to use and to control the allowed entries.
RELIABLE! The data entered on your form is automatically validated according to the data types or "edit" patterns that you specify for each field. This unique feature allows you to specify which fields are required, for example, and the precise content allowed in each field. If any invalid data is entered in the form, the user must return to the form to correct the errors before the form will be submitted. No more unusable data!
CONVENIENT! No Web site? No problem: Your friends and customers can also get to your form by entering  directly in their browsers!

You can change your destination e-mail address at any time, online, without having to change any links or bookmarks to

Going on vacation? Have an announcement? Put a notice on your form. Do you already have a Web page that answers frequently asked questions? Should your visitors be directing particular questions elsewhere? Put links on your form.

The form data can be sent to multiple e-mail address, so FormMail.To can be used as a private mailing list program with customized data.

You can specify a URL to transfer to after your form is submitted.  For example, from a "Request for Info" or a "Feedback" e-mail form, you might send your visitors back to your home page.  Or, you could insert a form between two of your existing pages to capture information from visitors as they traverse your site.

PRIVATE! Fight spam!  When you use FormMail.To, your e-mail address does not appear on your Web page or on your customized form.  (Did you know that ordinary "mailto" links on your Web page can be collected by programs used by spam mailing list compilers?)

If you post on bulletin boards, discussion groups, online classified ads, etc., and want to allow responses without revealing your e-mail address, post your URL instead.

For added security, you can specify that your forms can only be used from "registered" page links (for example, only when accessed from your Web pages), and you can even create private, password-protected forms.

FormMail.To does not provide user e-mail addresses to any third parties for any purposes, except in cases of abuse of our service: E-mail addresses and the Internet IP address from which a form was created may be provided to the proper authorities whenever a form is used as the reply link for SPAM mailings, FRAUD, or any other unethical or illegal abuses.

Warning! Do NOT use FormMail.To for replies to SPAMMING or SCAMMING! If you do so, your form will be disabled immediately, your spamming investment will be wasted, and your Internet access account may be traced through your Service Provider for further action! This free service is provided with the stipulation that FormMail.To reserves the right to discontinue service to any form, for any reason, solely at our discretion, and to take any necessary actions to prevent abuse of this service or any other Internet services.

FREE! FormMail.To is supported by minimal advertising, one banner on the bottom of your form.


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