Create a New Form -- CLOSED!


No new forms can be created on this service.

Thanks to the spammers who continue to attempt to use these forms for spam replies (in their never ending quest to have others bear the responsibility and expense of their trashing of the net), this site was recently shut down for the 5th time in 2 years, and twice within 2 weeks.

Since it seems that too many spammers aren't bright enough to understand that they won't get any more responses after I disable their forms, I am not allowing any new forms to be created, so this site can stay online for the honest users who already have forms. If you already have a form, then edit it.

The Premium service is still available for $1 per month (6 month minimum), with no banner advertising and larger forms with more features. (Spammers take note: If you cause that service to be shut down, I will file a class action suit against you on behalf of all paying users whose businesses are damaged because of your irresponsibility.)

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