Fenugreek Survey

Hello , I am gathering data on the effectivness of Fenugreek. If you have taken this herb in the past or are currently taking it, please fill out and submit the following survey. Your infomration will be kept confidential. Thank you for your time. Cindy Curtis, RN, IBCLC
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Your Name
Why did you feel you need to increase your supply?
How many mg of Fenugreek do you take per day?
What is the brand of the Fenugreek?
Did you notice an increase in your supply?
If yes, how long before you noticed the increase?
How did you know supply increased?
If you pump, how much more were you able to pump?
Did you experience any side effects? If yes, describe.
Did your baby have any side effects? If yes, describe.
Please list any other medications, supplements and homeopatics that you are taking with the Fenugreek. Please be specific as the amounts per day.

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